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C-WTR believes Nature makes the best tasting and most nutritious ingredients.


Coconut CBD Water


C-WTR is a natural, delicious and nutritious way to HYDRATE, RECOVER & ENERGIZE! Coconut Water provides the proper balance of electrolytes for Hydration. Made with a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract that contains 20mg of CBD.
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CBD Clinic is helping my patients with rheumatoid arthritis, back and shoulder pain, inflammation, fibromyalgia and other indications. I have to keep ordering more.

I could bathe in it! I’ve been recommending this to everyone! I have chronic pain and this is fantastic. Helps reduce ibuprofen intake reducing the risk of bleeding.

Calms my mother down quite a bit, she wants me to order more now that she knows what she likes out of the bundle.

I have been using this oil for two weeks now and I can tell you it DEFINITELY works!

I used tincture for anxiety and it really helped me manage my anxiety and feel much calmer. This product really works! It is great!

Retired NBA Center for the 2X World Champion Las Angeles Lakers & Dallas Mavericks

After drinking my first bottle I felt like I was in heaven. I can’t get enough.

I love the refreshing and natural taste. It is delicious and I normally don’t like the taste of coconut water. I feel amazing after drinking it.

In addition to the great taste, there is something about this drink that just makes me feel outstanding. Energized but not hyper or jittery like you get from caffeine.